Of Uncharacteristic Behavior

“This is not like me at all.”

After checking and rechecking the details, I printed out the plane tickets which were booked hastily 5 minutes ago then grabbed my sling bag, made sure everything needed was in there and rushed to the payment center.

There was a short line but it was taking too long. Everything was taking too long and my 20 seconds of insane courage was running out.

I was still mentally arguing with myself when the realization hit me that I was now facing the cashier – she was young, pretty and impatiently waiting for me to tell her what I was here for.

“This is not like me at all.”

I handed her the printed bookings along with the payment and waited for it to be processed.

There is no going back now. The cash has been handed over.

After about 20 minutes of fidgeting on my seat, she finally called my name and gave me the receipt and told me to have a nice trip.

“This is not like me at all.”

And that dear readers of wordpress, is the story of how I impulsively and uncharacteristically purchased round trip tickets to Singapore.

(In less than 2 months!!)

Till then,




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