I have no idea what I’m doing

I’m nearly turning 21 and still have no night routine, or morning routine or any kind of beauty routine, to be honest.

This fact does not make me feel superior over beauty-conscious women, nor do I feel inferior either…I guess it’s just how I’m wired.

And yet my mother, the master of pushing all the right buttons to make me do things, and her subtle but hard-hitting remarks about my appearance made me rethink my apathy towards all things aesthetic.

For weeks I researched local online shops, looked around the (extremely) limited shops in the area, read hundreds of reviews, blog posts, products, etc – there is so much to remember! Kudos to the women who have mastered these!!

I decided to go with BeautyMNL. I initially reserved 1 Armada Sport 70 Mini, 1 Beach Born Sea Salt Spray and 1 Organic Grapefruit & Sage Hand Sanitizer by David Organis but I chickened out. So the items I’ve reserved -which were apparently really tricky to get a hold of – was snatched out from my cart after remaining unpaid for 24 hours. Sorry Ms. Bing, you were very helpful.

The second time, however, I picked two must-haves for my trip to Singapore: 1 Armada Sport 70 Mini (thank goodness!) and 1 Sunkissed Sunblock Gel by Bath Junkies. Yes, I read the reviews and they were just what I needed.

I received the parcel 4 days after I placed my order – and considering 2 of those days were weekends and one was a holiday! That was definitely fast service from them.

Giddy would be an understatement to describe how I felt when the items arrived so I did what most people would do (or at least I think it’s what they’d do) – I ordered from BeautyMNL again!

This time I specifically looked for products which were hard-to-find in our little town – which is basically 99% of the items from BeautyMNL.

I placed my order, discarding any hesitation and immediately paid for it.(Yet another uncharacteristic behavior – I usually take at least 3 weeks before actually purchasing stuff I’ve put in my cart, if I purchase them at all.)

Now the pressing issue remains: Will I actually use the stuff I bought? Or will I admire their beauty from afar?

Nevertheless, BeautyMNL thank you so much! What a great experience for my first online beauty product shopping.

Till then,



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